When Should Retailers Unveil Their Holiday Décor?


The seasons are changing. Trees are turning brilliant colors, temperatures are dropping and sunset is coming earlier and earlier. To retailers, that can mean only one thing – the holidays are coming!


Competition for shoppers is fierce, and plans and preparations have already been in the works for months. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that holiday revenues can account for 20-40% of annual sales. With so much at stake, retailers closely monitor the buying habits of holiday shoppers to develop sales and other promotions. In addition to competitive pricing, setting the right in-store ambience is crucial in attracting shoppers and keeping them in your store. While some retailers race to showcase the first storefront with holiday décor, when is the best time to unveil holiday decorations?


The NRF estimates that 40% of consumers begin their shopping before Halloween, and we all know someone who begins crossing items off their holiday shopping list months before Christmas. At the same time, there are procrastinators among us who start – and finish – all of their shopping on Christmas Eve. To balance the needs of early birds and traditional shoppers, Center Stage will install holiday décor during the first two weeks of November, at the request of their retail clients.


Whether it’s trees, lights or a magnificent holiday display, it’s critical that you maximize exposure to shoppers, without creating holiday fatigue. Spectacular seasonal décor sets the tone and must be in place when and where shoppers are ready to spend.

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