Why You Should Consider Adding a Soft Play Park in Your Children’s Museum


Parents bring their children to children’s museums to explore science, art, culture and literacy. Museums teach children problem solving, observation, communication and creative thinking. Soft play parks enhance those skills. They also help children develop their gross and fine motor skills. Play parks provide an added value for families and can entice them into museum membership.

A Safe Place for Children to Crawl, Climb and Explore

A play park can give your museum an edge over other local attractions. It provides a place that parents know is safe for little ones to be able to crawl, move and explore. It’s a soft space for those who aren’t quite steady on their feet as well as for those who want to climb and jump. Soft, squishy play pieces sit atop padded carpet, which absorbs impact and exceeds ASTM’s standards for drop and fall ratings, and ultimately keeps children safe.

Pairs with the Museum to Nurture Curiosity and Creativity Learning

Play parks pair well with children’s museums by nurturing a child’s natural curiosity and creativity. A themed play park demonstrates that learning can be fun and exciting. Research has proven that young children learn to think by doing, playing and investigating. Center Stage Productions’ soft play parks promote cognitive development with a variety of activities, including crawl-throughs, slide downs, climb-ons, ride-ins, and wall-mounted gamescsp_youngimaginations

Fosters Family Learning and Interaction

Both museums and play parks foster family learning and nurture interaction between children and their families. Parents can share some information about the décor that the children are playing on. Children can learn language and literacy by describing what he or she sees. Little ones can explore a world of play and learning alongside their families. Parents can watch their child’s curiosity blossom as he or she discovers new sounds, sights, and things to explore.

Enhances and Expands Your Museum’s Theme

Center Stage Productions custom designs all soft play pieces, one at a time, to the specifications of each client.  Soft play parks are versatile; play pieces can take virtually any shape in an indoor or outdoor park, depending on the needs of your museum.  The play pieces can be combined with the theme of your museum or reflect local points of interest.

Center Stage Productions can help theme the environment with graphic murals and signage. We can also theme the existing architecture. For instance, we can take an existing column and blend it to be an exciting part of your display such as a lighthouse or oil rig!

Young imaginations soar when given the opportunity to combine learning with play. Contact us for more information or download our free eBook for inspiration.

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